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The California public finance office of HSE provides services to states, cities, counties, special districts, school districts, real estate developers, not-for-profits and others looking to access the municipal capital markets. Our Los Angeles based investment banking professionals have more than 40 years of combined public finance experience working with a variety of financing vehicles including tax allocation bonds, lease revenue bonds, certificates of participation, industrial development bonds, general obligation bonds, variable rate bonds and commercial paper.

Our professionals appreciate the fact that no two bond financings are exactly alike. We treat each and every engagement as a unique experience and opportunity to serve our clients.


Our Services

  • Planning
  • Underwriting Services
  • Preparing Bond Issuance Documents
  • Marketing the Bonds
  • Successful Closing


HSE provides a full range of services as financial advisors or underwriters. The planning process begins with a review of a municipality’s finances, existing indebtedness, previous borrowing practices, budgets and capital improvement plans. HSE identifies policy alternatives, assists in developing operating and capital budgets and formulates alternative debt structures and financing techniques.

Underwriting Services

It is important to assess foreseeable project risks before structuring financing. HSE helps develop options which permit your municipality to make informed decisions.

Housing (for non-profit and for profit entities)

  • Provide alternative financing structure, i.e. Credit Enhancement, on private placements
  • Coordinate tax-exempt volume cap applications
  • Coordinate activities for tax-credit applications
  • Coordinate activities to receive approval from the various local and state agencies
  • Market Bonds
  • Attend to closing details

Health Care
HSE provides the same applicable services for health care as with housing.

Infrastructure Development
On behalf of municipalities and developers, HSE structures infrastructure financing for water, wastewater, solid waste, streets, lighting, etc.

HSE assists schools with referendums, helps them secure bond insurance, markets bonds, and attends to closing details.

State and Federal Programs
HSE will assist issuers and other eligible entities obtain funding through various state and federal programs. Programs may provide lower interest rates, grants, matching funds or other assistance.

Ongoing Service
HSE will monitor issuers’ outstanding debt to provide information or advice on refunding (refinancing) opportunities.

Preparing Bond Issuance Documents

HSE will help prepare and distribute your official statements and other documentation needed to ensure that the sale of bonds complies with industry practices, laws and regulations. We work with bond counsel, construction professionals and auditors to safeguard your investment. HSE’s experience in financing public development projects lends significant value in problem solving, recognizing inconsistencies and negotiating better pricing, thereby saving your community time and money.

Marketing the Bonds

HSE aggressively markets your bond issue to achieve the lowest cost of financing. Our daily participation in the national bond markets assures you the most competitive rates.

Successful Closing

Document preparation for bonds involves many parties and takes time to develop and coordinate. We prepare the necessary documents for all of our clients’ transactions. We add value during this phase by liaising with our clients and their counsel to ensure that bond documents are accurate, sufficient, and filed in a timely manner.

For more information about any of our services please contact one of our California Public Finance Representatives.

Staff Biographies

Staff Biographies

Russell L. Goings, III

Russell L. Goings, III is a 27 year veteran of the securities industry, with 25 of those years being spent in California public finance. Mr. Goings has transaction experience with a wide range of financing vehicles, including taxable general obligation bonds, benefit assessment bonds, special tax obligations, certificates of participation, industrial development bonds, tax allocation bonds and tax-exempt commercial paper. Mr. Goings’ investment banking clients have included: the State of California, the cities of Los Angeles, Stockton, Fresno, Compton, Oakland, Richmond, Long Beach, Inglewood and Carson; the counties of Sacramento, San Diego, Contra Costa, and Los Angeles; and political subdivisions such as the San Diego Unified Port District, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and World Port of Los Angeles.

Mr. Goings is the former president of I.C. Rideau Securities as well as LP Charles & Goings, Inc. In addition, Mr. Goings has also worked as an investment banker for Lazard Freres & Co., First Southwest Company, First Albany Capital and Cabrera Capital Markets.

Mr. Goings attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he majored in hotel & restaurant management and has completed finance course work with the New York Institute of Finance. Mr. Goings served on the Mayor’s World Port of Los Angeles Futures Commercial Task Force and is the former Chairman of the Public Finance Subcommittee for Rebuild L.A. He presently serves as a Board Member for the Inner City Education Foundation which operates several charter schools in the City of Los Angeles and is the former Board President of the Watts-Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club.

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