Terms and Conditions

Agreement Governing Access to Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co. Website
Electronic trading is defined as trading via computer and/or touchtone telephone service. You agree that you are the exclusive owner and solely responsible, jointly and severally, for the confidentiality and protection of the password, account number and your PIN that allows you access to the electronic trading site of Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co. (HSE). You are responsible for all activity in your account even if you knowingly or unknowingly provided your account number, password or PIN number to another person or entity. You agree to hold HSE harmless if this person or entity provides instructions to HSE that may be contrary to your instructions. You agree to monitor your account, address and e-mail and immediately notify HSE of any loss, theft or unauthorized use of your password, account number and/or PIN.

You agree that any order electronically transmitted to HSE shall not be deemed received until a reference number is assigned. You agree to immediately notify HSE of any failure to receive a reference number, any failure to receive an official confirmation of trade or any discrepancies in account balance or positions. We will assume no responsibility or liability if you fail to immediately notify HSE of any of these conditions. HSE may delay, reject or cancel any order at its sole discretion even though transmission has occurred and a reference number has been assigned. You understand that all executions are subject to changes and cancellations based on late reports, errors, and incorrect market information. You understand that there can be delays in the reporting of executions, and in the event of a delayed report you are responsible for all trades entered.

HSE shall not be responsible for the accessibility of, transmission quality, outages to or malfunction of any telephone circuits, computer systems or software. In the event that HSE is unable to enter orders or execute orders due to the failure of systems or equipment, you agree to hold HSE harmless for any actual or perceived losses. In the event of system interruptions, during normal business hours HSE provides alternative mediums for entering orders, through a registered representative at HSE’s main office in Chicago, Illinois. Be advised that during system interruptions call volume can be heavy. HSE does not guarantee that access to any of the alternative mediums will be available at a particular time and will not be held liable for delays in entering an order.

Any information on the HSE web site concerning a particular security should not be considered a recommendation or suitable for all investors. There is no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding this information or your access to it.

You agree and give your consent for HSE to provide you with electronic delivery of confirmations, statements and other notices. Such documents will provide the same essential information as a hardcopy version. You understand that it is your responsibility to review e-mails, confirmations, statements, and notices whether delivered by mail or electronically.

HSE reserves the right to terminate your access to electronic trading at our sole discretion, without notice for any reason. It is your responsibility to provide HSE with a current and valid e-mail address. Unless HSE receives immediate notice that an e-mail was not delivered, HSE’s e-mail will constitute effective delivery or notice of a communication and fulfills any obligation of HSE to provide you with written documents. Any communication or notice delivered by HSE to the address of record of any one account owner will constitute valid delivery or notice to all owners of an account.

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