Trading & Underwriting

Superior Trading and Underwriting Services
HSE’s Trading and Underwriting team provides clients with over 60 years of combined experience in the municipal securities business. Our trading desk has made markets in over 1000 different municipal credits and manages a substantial secondary market position that provides clients with liquidity in virtually all municipal sectors. HSE’s commitment team has been involved in the underwriting of municipal credits in 48 of the 50 states. Our competitive underwriting volume is consistently in excess of $1 billion annually, and HSE ranked among the top ten competitive underwriters by volume from 2011-2016. We provide:

  • Liquidity throughout varying market conditions
  • Prompt and efficient trade execution
  • Secondary bond offerings in all US states
  • Competitive bids on public sales of new issues in all markets
  • 100% capital commitment to the municipal securities market

Trading & Underwriting Contacts

Chicago | 312.443.1555
Jessica Neibert
Bryan Derdenger
Douglas Fox – Head Trader
Lincoln James
James Van Metre

Recent Engagements

$327,015,000.00 — State of Wisconsin

$9,170,000.00 — City of Seguin (Guadalupe County, Texas)

$6,530,000.00 — Eminence Independent School District Finance Corporation (Kentucky)

$15,955,000.00 — School District of Bloomer, Chippewa and Dunn Counties, Wisconsin

$94,325,000.00 — Hallsville Independent School District (Harrison County, Texas)

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